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Support Options

All eligible non-profit organizations in Israel get the same standard support package which includes the commitment of all K972IL team members to do their best to keep your apps online, secure, backed-up and maintained to the best of our abilities. Being volunteer-based, we can't give any guarantees for SLA or availability of the team, but I believe that so far we have been able to provide a service which is not worse and perhaps even better then non-volunteer based support. Supported organizations get access to our private support forum to open support requests and get the same benefits and privileges as all the other K972IL team members. For the first volunteer which joins our team you can provide access to 1 representative, You get access for 1 additional representative for every additional two volunteers which join our team. Membership is revoked if any volunteers leave the K972IL team. Double membership of multiple representatives backed by 1 volunteer is allowed.

Bring Your Own Volunteers

Price: 0₪

The only requirement from supported organizations is that you assign a volunteer to join our team which commits to contribute positively to our projects for 2-3 hours per week for a period of 6 months. Your assigned volunteer can choose to work only on your organization's projects during this time. After the initial 6 months period, membership to the K972IL team is for life, as long as your volunteer continues to contribute positively to our efforts, your organization will get the full benefits of our support package.

Bring Your Own Employees

Price: 0₪

Are you one of the lucky non-profit organizations which got some funds? Great, you are welcome to assign a paid contractor or employee to join our team and work on your requirements. Same terms as the volunteers, no strings attached. As long as you have an employee or volunteer which is a member of the K972IL team you will have the benefit and peace of mind from the K972IL team support package.

Our Partners

The Public Knowledge Workshop

The Public Knowledge Workshop is the insipiration for K972IL and provides invaluable expertise and resources.


We can support a kubernetes cluster running on Kamatera Cloud with option for servers in Israel. Kamatera graciously provides discounted prices for eligible non-profits.

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